Substance Abuse Assessment

Sometimes bad things happen to us.

Whether it is a DUI, possession, or a domestic disturbance legal situation, the Courts may require an assessment to determine if there is benefit from additional counseling. That is where I come in…

As an approved Assessor, I am qualified to provide these required assessments and submit them to the Court for you. Getting the assessment does not need to add to your stress of the situation.

What is the assessment?

The assessment is an interview that takes approximately one hour to complete. It includes asking basic questions about your family background, current/past substance use, biological health concerns (if any), mental health concerns (if any), employment history, and legal history (if any).

The State required/approved assessment tool captures this information, along with my clinical opinion, and states whether or not you would meet the criteria for substance abuse counseling (outpatient or inpatient).

I then write a report for the Court including some (not all) of the information from the assessment and my recommendations. The Court decides whether to enforce my recommendation (if any).

I do not work for any Attorneys or the Court. I am an individual Contractor.

If the Court is requiring you to get an assessment, call or email. I can help you move through this part of the process efficiently.