Individual Therapy


“Adulting” is hard.

We are human, we have daily struggles, and it can be tough.

Illness, accidents, family, friends, job stress, etc. can be overwhelming. Sometimes we need someone to listen and help us find ways to alleviate the stress of our lives.

The Therapy Process

The therapy process is aimed at helping reduce pain while creating the ability to prioritize demands of work, relationships, and self-care. Sometimes a situation appears in our life that requires more than we can give to resolve it. Reaching out to someone who can hear you and validate your experience may be enough.

Individual therapy is your best opportunity to improve your life into one that is joyful, regardless of the uncertainties, stresses, or aspirations. Underlying challenges of perceived failures, abuses, anxiety, or sadness can be addressed with new eyes – yours and mine.

Learning from Our Challenges

One might say that addressing our challenges is the work of life. The therapy process provides a safe setting to make a journey into self-discovery and initiate growth in a positive way from the challenges that come into our lives.

My goal as a therapist is to work myself out of a job. I aim to help my clients learn alternative/positive ways to deal with life’s struggles, so that they no longer need my assistance.

Possible Topics to Address During Therapy

  • Childhood traumas
  • Grief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Inability to ‘get through a day’

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Adolescence can be a wonderful, confusing, and overwhelming time in life.

If an adolescent is struggling with anxiety, depression, peer pressure, etc., their grades could drop, and their moods and/or behaviors may change.

Sometimes adolescents need/want someone outside of their family/friends to talk to. They want, need, and deserve a safe place to express their feeling and concerns.

Therapy Could Be a Life-Line

As an adolescent, each challenge is huge – everything is larger than life, but an adolescent doesn’t know that. Peer pressure can make it difficult to get out of bed each morning and face the day. Worrying about grades, either self-imposed or feeling parental pressure, can cause total inability to focus on homework or tests.

Talking to an outsider – someone who is trained to help adolescents – may be the best decision of their life. With the suicide rate high in this age group, it is important to take a positive step before a crisis is reached.

I offer safety, a listening ear, and understanding in an atmosphere that breeds confidence in the adolescent to make better, stronger decisions to have more control over their life.

But What about my Parents?

It is generally best to have a one-on-one with the adolescent, a separate meeting with the parents, and perhaps a combined meeting to set the ground rules for therapy sessions. While the parents need to be kept informed through an overview, it is important that the adolescent feel totally free to say whatever is being thought. This is the only way for resolution of some of the very personal issues an adolescent can face.

Keeping Mom/Dad up-do-date is also important for the unity of the family, but the details of conversations with the adolescent are completely confidential. Trust. That is of primary concern.

Time Passes Quickly for an Adolescent

Don’t delay if there is concern about the mental stability of an adolescent. What may be a small upheaval for an adult is a mountain to an adolescent.

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